The Importance of Reading Diaries

Theatre is my escape from reality

I have no idea what I want to do with my life

be kind & love yourself, because you are beautiful

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I am better than I was.
I will be better than I am.
- (140/365) by (DS)

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"I love you." ✓Seen at 3:23
- Six Word Story by Pien Pouwels  (via oceanflowerbird)

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Nothing in this world compares to the comfort and security of having someone just hold your hand.
- Richelle E. Goodrich (via kushandwizdom)

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I want us to make each other better.
- someone you should probably hold on to (via braided-funk)

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find someone
who knows
you’re sad
just by the change
of tone in your

be with someone
who loves the
feature that
you hate the most

fall in love with
someone who
looks at you and
knows they don’t
want anyone else

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when the person u hate does something that makes everyone else hate them:



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Sometimes you need to burn bridges to stop yourself from crossing them again.
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